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International cruise: on the edge of the recovery 'temptation'

Date: 2020-11-06

Cruise companies hard to survive in size at the same time, consumer confidence will return, will be a more difficult challenge.

In 2020, the new crown pneumonia outbreak to the global cruise industry was hitting hard.In order to prevent the epidemic spread, the global cruise industry in a long time, even with the docking of the ship.Since January, U.S. stocks three major cruise lines, and royal Caribbean and carnival real cruise, total market capitalization has total evaporation of about $54 billion.Recently, the us centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) announced the lifting "navigation ban", the liner can be conditional to resume, as the industry recovery brought a glimmer of light.Cruise companies hard to survive in size at the same time, however, consumer confidence will return, will be a more difficult challenge.Diamond princess cruises on the outbreak still vividly, cruise industry recovery is still "on ice".

Outbreak of vortex in the cruiseIn this outbreak, diamond princess is undoubtedly the most popular, one of the largest case scope.Data show that the diamond princess for the princess's one of only two diamond grade ship, when the total was carrying more than 3700 people.February 3 night local time, due to that of a Chinese passenger was confirmed in Hong Kong, diamond princess port emergency anchorage in yokohama, Japan, and then be in isolation.According to public data, diamond princess finally 712 cases of confirmed cases.On the same day, February 3rd international cruise association (CLIA) issued a statement, banned from mainland China in the past 14 days or via China personnel on board.Then, from or visited South Korea, Italy and other countries and regions, are also limited ship.At the same time, the global cruise started frequently had involved in the outbreak, the relevant lines including xingmeng cruise's world is a dream, the princess's ultimate princess, princess and rubies, song poetry by its dazzling number, etc.To prevent outbreaks, begin at the end of January, the Ministry of Transport has suspended the first time China port international cruise originating, involves seven world international cruise lines, a total of 10 international cruise.Subsequently, the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries and regions were established for cruise control.Outbreak of pressure, the global cruise in March to suspend operations.In response to the outbreak, the cruise companies have also launched their own epidemic prevention measures, including upgrading ventilation and air conditioning system, additional disinfection facilities, improved disinfection cleaning, setting up isolated areas and medical facilities, etc.Upgrade, however, health and safety measures and can not completely dispel such doubts on the cruise industry.At the beginning of the suspension, many cruise companies announced it would resume in May, however, as the global spread of the epidemic, to resume the date has been repeatedly postponed.Under the background of delays in Saturday, cruise started in a "death" of the big test.Global suspension, cruise companies under pressure to surviveKobe, Japan on March 2, luminous cruise company announced to local court for bankruptcy protection, as the outbreak of the first batch of "fall" cruise lines, one of the major cruise companies are under pressure.Analysis points out, due to the overall volume big, covering the major cruise company routes, anti-risk ability is strong, but if the suspension, the longer the greater the pressure will be.It is understood that during the period of suspension cruise to financial cost, the cost of the main pier cost and manpower cost.Among them, the human cost may be adjusted through layoffs and pay cuts and other ways, but it is difficult to avoid terminal cost and financial cost.During the period of suspension, royal Caribbean forecast average monthly consumption about between 250 million - 275 million dollars, Norwegian cruise line daily operation and administrative costs about a month between 70 million - 110 million dollars.Since January, U.S. stocks three big company, and royal Caribbean and carnival really cruise, total market capitalization has total evaporation of about $54 billion.The 2020 fiscal year, the carnival will have its first net loss for 16 years.According to general accounting rules, carnival on 31 August in the third quarter net loss of $2.9 billion.Royal Caribbean in the third quarter of losses of 文章.3 billion, the only true cruise losses of $715 million in the second quarter.Difficult to resume, the cruise companies began to make "hard" to maintain liquidity.In April, Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth Fund Public Investment Fund announced that to buy a 8.2% stake in the carnival.At the same time, the carnival, and royal Caribbean cruise lines and sincere cruise through loans, issuing paper and a variety of ways, such as common stock to raise money.To cut costs, carnival also decided to the disposal of its 18 ships, of which some cruise had plans to sell in the coming years.As of September 30, royal Caribbean about cash flow of $3.7 billion.As of August 31, carnival, about 8.2 billion dollars in cash and cash equivalents.In addition, the part of the cruise company have also announced the cruise line deployment of 2021-2022 and introduced to booking, in order to get more orders.In the industry point of view, the outbreak would bring a new round of industry shuffling.Memorial University of central Newfoundland, a professor at the Ross Klein said to the media, industry consolidation will be one of the most direct consequences caused by the outbreak, or cruise industry will usher in a wave of mergers and acquisitions.