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The challenge of hainan tourism: now no shortage of capital by developers, but there is no cultural creativity

Date: 2020-11-05

Talent is one of the key factors affect the tourism development.Recently, a series of positive policy, let this slice of land reform in hainan to boil again.By the east wind, the hainan tourism industry will also usher in more capital, projects, and tourists to enter, hainan tourism development also usher in a new change.

International tourism island of ups and downsIsland tourism in recent years, according to data, international tourist arrivals grew by 5.3% on average, is to lead the world tourism development growth rate of 0.8%.Island tourism market development space is constantly develop is a positive signal to hainan tourism, hainan tourism development prospect is bright.In early 2010, the State Council issued the State Council on promoting the development of hainan international tourism island construction ", marks the construction of hainan international tourism island to rise to the national strategy.Concept and planning the launch of the international tourism island, quickly pull up capital on the enthusiasm of the tourist destinations.Monkey influx of enterprise, in the enclosure, to build the hotel to become one of their common choice.Public data shows that by the end of 2017, hainan has 26 five-star hotels and hotel, which opened in 134 according to the five-star standard construction;Another 25 international famous hotel management group, 61 hotel brand in hainan.The China national tourism administration, planning experts Wang Xingbin said in an interview, a feature of hainan tourism is too focused on the development of hotel industry.Factors are behind the tourism real estate to money fast, while the hainan tourism season is obvious, the hotel's overall operating condition is not very good, but I need a placeholder in advance, get the site, even if temporarily cannot appreciate'll appreciate.Hainan tourism in nearly eight years of days hardly goes well.Wang Xingbin concluded that substantive progress has been made in the hainan tourism did not happen in this time, sightseeing tour has not changed for leisure travel, not form a landmark tourism products, congenital deficiency of hainan economy is one reason.Need to rely on the tourism development of urban and rural infrastructure, the perfection of human environment, without good support of the 123 industry and regional social economy and so on have fairly good foundation, tourism solo dash is difficult to obtain good effect.Have, according to data from 2015 to 2016, the hainan tourism income average annual growth rate of 18.31%, compared with the national tourism income average annual growth of 19.98%, the hainan tourism development is relatively backward.Hainan tour development council, according to data from 2012 to 2015, in addition to the growth in 2012 (0.13%), 2013-2015, hainan entry overnight visitors (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan tourists, similarly hereinafter) were negative, and that four years of tourist foreign exchange income are negative, of which 2014 entry overnight visitors fell 12.56% year on year, tourist foreign exchange income fell 19.76% year-on-year, for the two data during the lowest.This means that the four years of hainan tourism industry in the international market competitiveness has fallen lower and lower.Until 2016, hainan entry overnight visitors and tourist foreign exchange revenue growth of 23.1%, 41.3%, respectively, competitiveness began to rebound.

Hainan tourism new opportunitiesMid-april printed on the support of hainan comprehensively deepen the reform and open policy guidelines "(hereinafter referred to as" guidelines ") again mention international tourism island, which is "deepening international tourism island construction, and constantly optimize the development environment, further opening of tourist areas...""Guidance", by contrast, the hainan tourism more clear positioning is "international tourism consumption center", the statement is vigorously promoting tourism consumption field opening to the outside world, actively cultivate new consumption hotspot of tourism, under the big strength improve service quality and level of internationalization, create rich forms and brand concentration, the environment comfortable, consumption characteristic of the international tourism resort.To position the better, "guidance" of hainan tourism development 12 specific implementation measures are put forward.One, allowing foreign pilot set up in hainan province operating performance brokerage institutions, allowing foreign investment in hainan province approved by the Canon of cultural tourism industry cluster areas to set up performance venues and business operation entity, performances must be in accordance with law and policy provisions of the state.Of board to this analysis, the hainan may let go the foreign shares of limit, it will bring benefit to hainan destinations in scenic spots, can be directly with the foreign enterprises have many IP docking, liberated from the constraints of intermediary agencies.This will help to alleviate the problem of product in hainan tourism contents.A point being public attention is, horse racing and be relatively open."Guidance", "encourage the development of horse racing and other sports project...Explore developing quiz type sports lottery and large international events that lottery ", existing investors took a fancy to their business outlook.On May 8, luo down announcement said, a wholly owned subsidiary company subordinates luo down international equestrian club co., LTD. "hainan international horse racing entertainment and cultural town" project has received a confirmation of the enterprise investment project for the record of hainan province, with a total investment of about 28.78 billion yuan.According to information, the project planning covers an area of about 500 hectares, in 2018, 2020 to build.Assets also have long layout.As early as in 1992, state-owned assets supervision and administration of hainan province through the holding company, and then holding a horse entertainment company, operating projects include horse racing.In addition, the sasac also in haikou city of hainan province town "" Ma Wenhua tourism characteristics, business forms, including children parent-child equestrian education, international equestrian events center, etc.Wang Xingbin thinks, horse racing and be one of the goals is to attract more tourist groups, but the forecast effect is not obvious."Now opened a cut, but how can I don't know, still can't see the specific measures."According to the instruction opinion ", hainan will implement a more open convenient offshore duty-free shopping policy, realizing a complete coverage of isolated islands of passengers, it raised the ceiling for duty-free shopping.The current distribution in the duty-free shop in hainan, haikou, sanya duty-free shopping group limited to flying in an airplane or a train of isolated islands of visitors, tax-free amount total control of 16000 yuan.This means that the hainan offshore duty-free policy covering group, will no longer be limited to flying in an airplane or a train of isolated islands of visitors, will also include driving outlying islands.Wang Xingbin thinks, the central position of hainan, a big change is that the tourism industry as one of the advantages in the development of industry, and not like the past tourism as the leading industry, through tourism bring up, other industries are the economic development in hainan.He thinks that, compared with the status of tourism in hainan overall industry declined, but the development of other industries will also help foster a better social and economic environment, to bring good environment for the development of the tourism industry.