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Shanghai Tongmao Hotel is a modern tower-shaped building located in the Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone in Pudong, Shanghai. Adjacent to Century Avenue, it blends into the surrounding dozens of skyscrapers and complements each other.

When you step into the magnificent and colorful lobby, fresh and straightforward air blows at you. When you step into the warm and pleasant English, French, Japanese and Chinese suites with different styles, the harmony and homely feelings are spontaneous. Features special suites, executive rooms, standard rooms, single rooms, etc., you can choose.

The hotel's 24-hour Western restaurant, Chinese restaurant and Korean cuisine are waiting for you. In addition, it has a multi-function banquet hall that can accommodate about 400 people, 15 meeting rooms of various specifications, and has international standard indoor sun pools, gyms and other facilities.

Convenient transportation, prime location, complete facilities, and first-class services are the ideal residential stops for you to host large conferences, business, and leisure travel.
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  • bdl826
    Position is OK, but the rush is impenetrable. underground car park just like Western horror film scene, mouse ... will not stay
  • Najia576
    It is quite a local hotel. Still clean inside. Seems not much service. However, the Front Desk Manager gave me an upgrade immediately when I checked it. It got my satisfaction level higher
  • LilyWang8303
    Hotel in a great location, not far from the Line 2 subway, change to other places is also very convenient, hotel front desk for help for a free upgrade to Executive room, very good stay!
  • manman08
  • e01587200
    Some distance from the Metro station is ... nice
  • ray982
    Nearby, easy to travel, that is, price is little expensive, good environment.
  • CindySantrol
    Environment is OK, service improvement
  • cdw6713
    Didn't think the swimming pool water temperature is so good, too surprised to tour two
  • ppx413
    The location was excellent, Hungary near the Embassy, and clean and warm service
  • luccy123
    Help customers of the hotel, close to the family, very convenient! is also close to the hotel is very quiet.
  • bbcat22
  • jeffsand
    Well, come to Shanghai has been living in this House, near from the company, environment is very good, the staff is also very good!
  • xiemin0808
    Overall a good, clean, convenient, but bad room
  • dancesong1981
    Help customers book, Lujiazui, small, convenient, very good
  • alan.pan
    First to say the location of the hotel near to where I trained really Ah, within ten minutes walk past, around and the traffic is very convenient, very close to the subway, bus. rooms are quite satisfied, are on a recent trip was the best, and later on a business trip, we will consider the second stay, praise!
  • dafasgsd
    Great location, about a 15-minute walk to Line 2 line about, but eating out is not very convenient, breakfast. booking of Deluxe, upgrade to Executive room, overall good.
  • Bradley
    High performance-price ratio
  • fanfan_6989
    Very good hotel, very good, the only drawback is that too few plugs
  • aboretry
    Environment better, address very well equipped with a little difference
  • alvineden
    Very good hotel, breakfast, good location, management in place, business travel preferred
  • grina
    Overall four stars standard toilet leak problems
  • jason5194
    Good location, in the commercial centre, and convenient transportation, facilities, health said in the past, the prices are still quite reasonable, overall was good and worth the money.
  • dygajgdw
  • liuyu1230
    Very good
  • jcind
    Well, the room is quite large in Shanghai
  • reneeyee
    Nice hotel, eat a bit far.
  • Benny845
    Good location, convenient to ... well.
  • barten
    not a 5-star luxury hotel, but very comfortable and reasonable stay. every staff is very kind.
  • compass925
    A very good environment, good service, good health, near century Boulevard transfer station, opposite the HKFE, Pudong lived this very convenient conditions are also very good, is the relatively high price
  • lavin66
    Good location, in the commercial center, and convenient transportation, facilities, health in General, after all, the hotel is a bit old, the prices are still quite reasonable, overall is good
  • ArainnaYang
    Good is the equipment some aging!
  • a865046071
    Still good friends, eating Korean food
  • e02262195
    Old brand
  • CA127122542
    A very good environment, good service, good health, near century Boulevard transfer station, opposite the HKFE, Pudong lived this very convenient conditions are also very good, is the relatively high price
  • e00128590
    Very bad of sprinkled shop, 7 days chain also strong had it dozens of times times. has see had water Halter oxidation long hole, toilet Board yellow to can't seat, bathroom seems n years didn't people with a unit stuffy taste, towel has smoke taste. big door has 3 a people does didn't people help called taxi. Concierge Department let I himself stopped guard let I to big road Shang stopped car. What rotten hotel. was is travel hotel network turtle speed company mailbox are cannot sent mail. Central cold steam 8.5 years night out blame sound for to 12 floor on was mosquito bite, reaction also saidNormal summer causes bad charging so expensive at the hotel 600.1 time times live it would rather live the road is better than it. that praise is 5 cents to buy back
  • DUANWEI1100
    Due to hotel near Shanghai Technology Museum, for convenient with child to technology museum found this a home. set of standard room within is a Zhang big bed added a Zhang small bed, special for parent-child, this to praise a! is front desk of waiter business not cooked, guest has more, has scheduled do a staying to half hours, this is I do staying most long of a hotel, no one of, is most long! breakfast special your, seems to a people more than 100 more, asked has zhihou scare a jumped, has so your of breakfast did? five-star also onThis price! is set after the ticket is good, very good use of the scenic!
  • dove00dove
    Location, convenience, where one feels can
  • lily1997
    Which is very nice
  • bluenail
    The environment is good
  • e00310684
    Has never no met so poor of hotel! July 16 night 10 o'clock, hotel lobby has wine vomiting real in elevator mouth no clean, was people stepped on of everywhere are is, accidentally on was sliding pour has. because fell of not is heavy, at only requirements Hotel put I of skirt dry cleaning, said has several again to dry cleaning. second days morning, waiter put skirt to I of when I to catch train didn't see on received up has. results afternoon home found, skirt to wash bad has! complaints zhihou, only said report ledA day no one replies, there is not even minimal apologies. don't want to angry to death. remind everyone that guests staying at the hotel services the prepared before.
  • Solitary sword
    Very good live
  • Gavinwang
    No hotel is a little old, but great.
  • Angel1015
    So so
  • capusle
    Nice also help free upgrade to deluxe room
    That's no problem
  • lisalive
    Hotel is not very good, rooms are small, old.
  • wp65272
    Is an old hotel, said the name drivers can be found. nothing special impression on the way-
  • jimmylotus
    Very old hotel, facilities what are the change, but was used, easy to do.
  • cx5127
    Transportation, hotel, but clean, the Xiao Nan Guo Hotel Nice
  • freemenlynn
    All right