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Su Ningyi purchase: sell a majority stake in ali Expected net profit of 5.2 billion yuan

Date: 2018-12-29

Su Ningyi purchase announcement, according to the general meeting of shareholders agree to authorized personnel of available for sale financial assets held by the company, the aggregate to sell 13.1647 million shares into the alibaba group.As of announcement date, the company the shares sold to close by the New York stock exchange, the company received a stock sale price total about 文章.8627 billion, is expected to achieve net profit of about 5.205 billion yuan.

Announcement, Su Ningyi buy with alibaba group to carry out strategic cooperation, the two sides in the retail, logistics service deepening cooperation, cooperation effect is remarkable.Companies sell shares in alibaba group, the access to capital, will be used to support the implementation of company development strategy, construction of commodity supply chain, logistics service quality improvement and the development of science and technology research and development, and other areas of the business, can effectively enhance the company's market competitiveness, help the company to improve the business benefit.Alibaba group, the company is the most important strategic partners, holds a 19.99% stake in the company will be combined with its own resources, continue to deepen and alibaba group in the joint procurement, Tmall flagship store operations, logistics services, O2O integration in areas such as strategic cooperation, continue to promote cooperation value and market competitiveness.Company to continue to deepen strategic cooperation and alibaba group, the company will also be combined with their own money, not rule out the possibility of the future to take larger shares in alibaba group, the company will according to the investment progress timely information disclosure obligations.