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The hotel is the biggest challenge is not OTA find customers blue ocean

Date: 2018-12-27

A few months ago, this newspaper columnist, lausanne hotel management college, an assistant professor Meng - Mei CHEN, Dr Participated in the training for hotel sales manager at a time, there is no accident that the students the topic of most concern is how to encourage guests to the official channel reservation?How to find a new OTA?How to beat the OTA?How to find more guests?How do I advertise?How to conduct earnings management?

But Dr Chan training content is not limited to these problems, but gives a wider perspective.Hotel industry's biggest challenges rather than OTA, revenue management, but to find their own blue ocean, finding out the guests like your reason, find out the most customers like your hotel.After the training, students are given the consistent high praise, says Dr CHEN, let they contact and understand the never mind's point of view, before very enlightening significance.In the rest of the article, Dr CHEN will share her with the readers.

The hotel should create their own blue ocean

Have a habit, I travel in a hotel stay for a few days before, and then change to another, the main reason is to worry about hotel experience is not good, so by changing hotel to reduce risk.Because of this habit, the author visited many hotels, can clearly feel the differences in each hotel, the following share a few cases.

I used to live on the island of phuket hotel has one of the best beaches in the island, A guest rarely out of the hotel, they are willing to pay high fees to enjoy private beach.Phuket hotel 2 B in another famous beaches, since there is no exclusive private beach, can only use low prices to attract tourists, then launch multiple discounts when check in, the move is hope will be the guest to stay in the hotel and catering, massage, consumption.Israel C hotel is an international well-known brand, the hotel lobby and dining room are tourists from the United States, some of these visitors is the university workshop overseas students' parents, some of them are family visitors from the United States.Israel's second hotels D facilities is old, the location is not good, the guest is given priority to with three days and two nights of religious group.Religious group guest breakfast began a busy day of sightseeing, evening came back to the hotel for dinner.Although D after I won't go to hotel, but as far as I know, religious group guest quite satisfied with the hotel's food and housing.

4 hotels, hotel A lucky enough to get the unique geographical location, because there is A private beach, although many of the hotel to join the market, but have no influence to A hotel, they are busy to even have no time to refurbish the expansion of the swimming pool.Since no other hotel this unique advantage to create opportunities for themselves and hotel B and C solution is a large international hotel group, joined the hotel D specializing in religious groups in the market.

No characteristic hotel with price competition, attracting guests "bargain", featureless can also add a large hotel brand, to spend money to buy brand of technical knowledge (know how) and customers.In addition to these two approaches, hotel owners, there is no other choice?

In the previous article, the author introduced the lego hotel, introduced Taiwan e-sports enthusiasts for the hotel, I in London Georgian House hotel lock wizards fans, of course, harry potter fans can also find some let them smile design, Japan recently introduced -into hotel, makes the Snoopy fans eagerly, for these hotel location and bright, in the fierce competition have created their own blue ocean.

Snoopy fan -into a hotel

Who is the most like my hotel?

Marketing theory is I most admire soff matrix, the matrix has four, respectively is market penetration, market development, product extension and diversification.

Is in the form of market penetration increases revenue sells ready-made products to existing customers.Business guests on vacation is coming, for example, business type hotel experience before, or is the guest would like to stay overnight at a from extended into two nights, and some of the hotel restaurant popular, so they started to sites outside the hotel food and beverage outlets, this convenient guests - don't made a special trip to the hotel dining, and can increase the hotel revenue.

Market development is to the ready-made product sales for the new guests.Such as original hotel is given priority to with their guests, if can begin to attract foreign guests is market development, as another example, mainly leisure tourist hotel began to attract companies to carry out staff training.Mentioned above hotel B is also this kind of typical cases, the guests had just want to buy room, the hotel launch series discount vouchers to them, hope the guest can also buy other products, such as food and massage.

Product extension is to develop new products to sell to existing customers, the most common example is the festival gift box hotels are introduced.

Diversification is to develop new products to new markets, for example the hotel decided to invest in space, this is the most risky growth way.