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Marriott International Group Welcomes the Opening Milestone of the 1000th Hotel in the Asia Pacific Region

Date: 2023-03-24

On March 24th, Marriott International Group announced the milestone of opening the 1000th hotel in the Asia Pacific region.

It is understood that the Ritz-Carlton Melbourne hotel is the 1000th hotel in the Asia Pacific region of Marriott International, and it is also the first appearance of the Ritz-Carlton brand in Melbourne. The hotel sits with a spacious urban skyline landscape that interprets contemporary aesthetics and provides guests with outstanding legendary service.

In 2023, Marriott International Group is expected to open approximately two hotels per week, adding 100 hotels in the Asia Pacific region by the end of the year. The pace of expansion will spread across major markets in the Asia Pacific region such as Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, China, and India.

Rajeev Menon, President of Marriott International Group Asia Pacific (excluding Greater China), said: "The official opening of Marriott International's 1000th hotel in the Asia Pacific region is a milestone, demonstrating our solid confidence in the development prospects of the tourism market in 2023 and the future, our determination to work together with employees and owners to create a new height in the hotel industry, and continue to enhance the strong impact of Marriott's travel plan. In the future, we look forward to further expanding emerging markets and bringing richer travel experiences to our guests."

"The 1000th hotel opened by Marriott International in the Asia Pacific region confirms our vision of continuously expanding the hotel layout in this market," said Mao Yibing, President of Marriott International in Greater China, "The Chinese market is a strategic market with great potential and vitality; more than half of the total number of rooms in the Group's hotels located in the Asia Pacific region are located in China. We are fully looking forward to working with other markets in the Asia Pacific region to further expand our hotel camp and create new achievements."