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Mysterious Beibei: 5 strange shells on the earth

Date: 2021-11-16

In our world, there are a large number of lakes, but in fact, there are many unusual and inexplicable lakes in the world, and some even have very deadly natural phenomena. The following are the mysterious lakes compiled by the editor: 5 peculiar lakes that actually exist on the earth.

The name is enough to tell you that this lake in Kazakhstan is far from common ordinary waters. This nearly 400-meter-long lake near the southern city of Almaty, also known as Kaindi Lake, has a long and mysterious history, including human deaths, most of which come from drowning by unfortunate tourists. The corpse lurking deep in it is not the only reason for its unforgettable name and reputation. From small fishes to frogs and other native amphibians, this water area is completely unable to sustain any life.

Due to the rich limestone deposits and algae in its depths, the sea water maintains a vibrant cobalt color. Even in the warmest season, the sea remains low and it does not evaporate at a normal rate.

This lake is not only a cemetery for humans. The earthquake caused in 1911 also flooded the nearby spruce forest, submerged the roots, but retained the existing trees, which are now erected there like ghostly masts. .

2. Lake Tahoe

This lake located near Nevada and California in the United States does not seem particularly dangerous. In fact, it is a good place to escape the heat. But there are some evil secrets hidden under the surface of this lake.

First, Lake Tahoe is notorious for its own water monster rumors. According to reports, an elusive monster named "Tessie" has been haunting the waters here. People have seen it many times, but have never photographed it.

However, Tessie may not be the only reason people lost their lives here. In the 1920s, it was considered a garbage dump for victims of the Mafia, and this theory even appeared in The Godfather 2. The corpse was well preserved at temperatures close to freezing in the deepest lake and appeared in the neighboring "Pyramid Lake" a few years later, which was connected by an underwater tunnel system.

The French explorer Jacques Cousteau did a deep water dive in this lake in the 1970s. When he returned to the surface, he claimed that "the world is not ready to face what is there."

3. The blue lake

This area of water in Russia's Kakabardino-Balkaria is called the "Blue Lake", and it has left many unsolved mysteries. The water itself does not come from the ocean or nearby rivers, but from the largest underground cave system in the world.

Moreover, because the bottom contains a lot of bronze ore and hydrogen sulfide, its bright blue color will never disappear. In addition to smelling like rotten eggs, it is also one of the deepest lakes in the world. Its depth is estimated to be an astonishing 258 meters, which is still increasing due to erosion and the deep caves below.

Due to the extreme depth of the lake, most of this lake has not been developed. In 2012, an Israeli diver tried to explore this vast sea, but unfortunately, his body was only found a week later. Surprisingly, his scuba diving equipment is still operating mysteriously.

4. Lake Brosno

Another mysterious water monster is said to be hiding under the surface of this seemingly plain lake near Moscow, Russia. As early as the 13th century, in Russian folklore, residents living around this lake claimed to have seen monsters. Today, many witnesses still claim that they have seen beasts with their own eyes.

Of course, according to some scientific explanations, the creature that people see may be just an unusually large beaver.

5. Lost Lake

Lost Lake in Oregon, USA has a unique name "Lost Lake" because it is almost impossible to find in the summer.

This lake completely disappears for half a year each year, leaving only a lush grassland with no traces of the previous water. At first, all the water seemed to have evaporated. But on the contrary, the researchers found two "lava tubes" behind the phenomenon that the lake "miracle disappeared". These pipes drain the lake water, like pulling out a huge bathtub plug.

Under the influence of ancient volcanic lava flows, these holes are constantly emptied into the lake. In fact, their drainage capacity is enough to completely engulf the entire lake until the next rainy season.