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Tongcheng Yilong: Achieve strategic cooperation with Kuaishou to enrich travel experience

Date: 2020-11-29

Currently, the travel industry is showing a trend of increasingly diversified consumer demand and more fragmented transaction scenarios.

On November 27, 2020, Tong Cheng Yilong and Kuaishou reached a strategic cooperation in Beijing. The two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in supply chain capacity building, user traffic sharing, talent content creation, brand content marketing and data information co-construction, etc., to jointly explore travel services in the short video live broadcast scenario.

Tongcheng Yilong’s hotel, attraction tickets and other product supply chains will be fully integrated into the Kuaishou platform one after another, and through the Kuaishou POI portal to create a "grass + pull grass" consumption closed loop to enhance the core competitiveness of both brands. Currently, Kuaishou users can directly book hotels and other travel products on the Kuaishou platform, and can enjoy the quality services provided by Tongcheng Yilong. In the future, this service will also cover tourist consumption scenarios such as attraction tickets.

In addition, the two parties will jointly build a travel content traffic pool, encourage fast users to create high-quality travel content through the travel talent incentive program, stimulate users’ travel interest, and help users complete travel consumption decisions and product purchases based on the travel services provided by Tongcheng Yilong And the closed loop of service experience-to provide users with a simpler and more convenient travel experience.

Currently, the travel industry is showing a trend of increasingly diversified consumer demand and more fragmented transaction scenarios. The relevant person in charge of Tongcheng Yilong said that Tongcheng Yilong, as a leading online travel platform in China, focuses on the creation and intercommunication of all travel service scenarios, realizes diversified coverage of travel consumption scenes, meets the diverse travel consumption needs of users, and comprehensively improves user travel experience. The in-depth cooperation with Kuaishou will provide consumers with a high-quality travel experience in a richer scenario.

The relevant person in charge of Kuaishou said that since this year, short video + live broadcast, as a new format of the e-commerce industry, has ushered in rapid development. As a national-level short video live broadcast platform, Kuaishou has a leading advantage in content marketing and live broadcast e-commerce. As one of the two major domestic travel platforms, Tongcheng Yilong has industry-leading supply chain advantages and excellent product service capabilities. This cooperation will bring a better travel experience to Kuaishou users.

As early as March of this year, Tongcheng Yilong and Kuaishou reached a cooperation on the new format of "travel + live broadcasting". Tongcheng Yilong provided travel products and launched a series of short videos and live broadcasts with major tourist destinations. Kuaishou provided tens of millions of traffic support and High-quality talent resources. This time, the further strategic upgrade of the cooperation between the two parties will enable Tongcheng Yilong to reach more potential consumers, and make the travel products on the Kuaishou platform richer and diversified. Users can directly book travel products when viewing short videos or live broadcasts. A win-win situation.