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Japan super hundred tour bus company closed five declared bankruptcy

Date: 2020-11-16

According to CCTV news, the new champions league since the outbreak, the Japanese tour bus industry received a huge impact.According to Japanese media reports, since the outbreak, as of September, Japan 112 tour bus companies across the country had been closed, and another five declared bankruptcy.Overall, according to the Japan tour bus operating ratio only restored to the outbreak of 2 into left and right sides, nearly half of the tour bus company income fell more than seventy percent.Investigate its reason, on the one hand, implementation of a wide range of entry restrictions because Japan has not been lifted, overseas tourists visit the basic in the lockout condition;Japan team charter, on the other hand, demand is low.In order to reduce the outbreak of the damage, part of the bus company has launched a new business.Have a company that has made out a 60 bus labyrinth "bus", which has a span of 600 meters, attract visitors to experience the fun of mazes.However, these attempts the benefits of just a drop in the bucket.