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How to change to scenic spots web celebrity clock?

Date: 2020-11-12

This year, with the aid of trill, circle of friends, weibo or other social network media, many little-known small scenic spot for a project content characteristic and output by the network traffic of popularity and become a web celebrity punch, a few to forge a web celebrity scenic area scenic area through a series of content scene continuous explosion, fire or even become a famous tourist destination.However, most web celebrity punching products easy copying and lack of sustained appeal to visitors, the life cycle is very short, do not have form the rising channel tourist destination.So, web celebrity clock whether can become a tourist destination?Web celebrity clock to tourism destination change process and need to pass what?

Source: web celebrity clock to all men are mortal

"Web celebrity punching" is the context of the Internet age the network vocabulary, specifically to a landscape or something in the network caused by blasting red tourists or consumers (for web celebrity clock is not necessarily the tourism related activities) to visit the behavior of the experience.

"Clock", however, is not a new thing in the tourism activities, and even from the tourist existed at that moment.S underdeveloped in the network media, visitors to the tourist destination to visit also exist "clock in" behavior.

From the earliest times tourists in the scenic spot to depict design, poetry, and even uncivilized "XX going" mark;Poetry article written after the tourists visit scenic spot mark spread;With the core scenic spot to landscape attractions took a group photo shooting "tourists";Can be seen as a clock in, tourists to the scenic spot and tourist destinations of focus to the "clock" can be seen as a network before popularization "clock in" web celebrity.

At present, web celebrity clock can be regarded as a strong social communication value of information flow, external performance for network, hot spots, spread;On the internal performance is set up, identity, envelops.And ring in to the birth of the web celebrity, can be regarded as a social communication value of strong information flow with a certain place at a strong correlation.

Visitors behavior of a clock to clock in, is the tourists for its image, people set, attitude, viewpoint through social media to seek social sense of belonging, sense of interpersonal contact and spheres of a kind of expression of identity.

To web celebrity clock to clock in, in addition to self-actualization needs hierarchy, endowed with more social attribute.Social communication and social attribute extension ring in social monetary value, the value gives web celebrity web celebrity clock also became a take the place of social currency.

Development: web celebrity to build the core of the three elements of the scenic spot

Web celebrity scenic spot from at the beginning of birth is controversial in the industry, some people because of its short quick order to bring huge flow of scenic spots, and regard it as a panacea for;Someone picked up and because it flow fast fading bring destructive long-term construction of scenic spots, and see it as a scourge.

For the emergence of web celebrity scenic spot, most views tend to be spontaneous, think that it is difficult to make.So, whether web celebrity scenic spot can be made?Web celebrity scenic area to build the core elements of what?

Throughout the domestic web celebrity scenic area, it is not hard to find, whether datang "" daruma" little sister "of the city that never sleeps, or yongxing fang" fell bowl of wine ", an artificial web celebrity of the scenic spot.

These are tourists favorite web celebrity project at that time no 2, in local scenic areas (spots) to bring huge traffic and revenue at the same time, also further deepen the ground where the red tourism destination image.And summarizes such an artificial web celebrity building elements of scenic spots, is nothing more than the scene, experience, dissemination of these three elements.

Content of the first on the scene.Successful scene design is the scenic area to build the foundation of web celebrity.Web celebrity scenic spot scene design should have enough through the sense, sense of shock, engagement, the sense, dramatic, taste is tonal, plastic, endowed with personality and other characteristics.Scenario content to ensure originality and culture, meet the needs of tourists flaunt personality and show ego.

Fusion: web celebrity tourist destination

Web celebrity clock in life cycle is equal to the network traffic of the retained time, development forecast has certain volatility risk, only in the web celebrity tourist destination, can prolong the development life cycle.Web celebrity clock in at this stage of development is still not enough to support the whole flow of tourism activities, web celebrity scenic spot is not equal to tourist destination.The formation of the tourism destination is required more complete travel supply elements, including attractions, transportation, tourist service life and other convenience services (as) 4.And web celebrity punch of attractions, only as a tourist destination in addition also need to provide diversification can meet the demand of tourists in the tourist facilities and services, formed a certain scale and brand awareness, and ultimately form a system of regional tourism space comprehensive functions.