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Sanya Tourism Group is qualified for bond market financing

Date: 2020-11-07

Non-public offering to professional investors, with a total issuance of no more than 1 billion yuan.  

A few days ago, Sanya Tourism and Culture Group obtained the "No Objection Letter for the Listing and Transfer of Non-public Issuance of Corporate Bonds" issued by the Shanghai Stock Exchange, marking that after the State-owned and State-owned Enterprise Reform in Sanya City in 2019, municipal state-owned enterprises as independent market entities in the Market financing achieved a "zero" breakthrough.

It is understood that the bond issued this time is a special bond form specially issued by the state in response to the impact of the epidemic on enterprises this year. It is issued to professional investors in a non-public issue. The total issuance does not exceed 1 billion yuan. Underwriting and issuing in installments within 12 months from the date of obtaining the unconfirmed letter.

According to reports, the acquisition of the non-public issuance of corporate bonds is a useful attempt by Sanya Tourism Group for direct financing. It will help expand financing channels and optimize debt capital structure. It will be used to supplement daily operations of the company, repay interest-bearing debts and meet project investment Wait for funding needs. The group will select a suitable time window for bond issuance based on the capital market situation. In the next step, the group will continue to increase innovation in investment and financing methods, make the most of its own resources, vigorously promote financing tools such as medium-term notes, asset securitization, and debt financing plans, further attract social capital, and promote the transformation and upgrading of Sanya's cultural tourism industry .